Our Mission:

Establishing and resourcing the development of healthy churches. 

Our Vision:

Cultivating Christ-like Leaders

  • We envision the district partnering with local churches to provide training in spiritual formation through a variety of creative, collaborative and strategic teams to both clergy and laity.
  • We envision the district encouraging local churches in the honoring of their pastor(s) through the encouragement of spiritual, emotional and physical health and engaging pastors in a process of personal renewal, and, when needed, rehabilitation and restoration.
  • We envision the district partnering with local churches to affirm, equip and mentor those called to ministry through the Board of Ministerial Development.
Cultivating Strategic Networks
  • We envision the district resourcing local churches through various effective means.
  • We envision the district mobilizing church planting teams and transitioning church teams as well as other teams determined to be necessary by the needs of local churches.
  • We envision the district organizing itself into smaller regional groupings to increase effectiveness. Pastors must be equipped and encouraged to minister and mentor one another.
Cultivating Missional Vision
  • We envision the district creating purposeful strategies that will encourage a “Great Commission” and “Great Commandment” focus in all local churches.
  • We envision the district celebrating with local churches as we work together to realize new congregations. 
  • We envision the district communicating a clear vision to reach western Washington for Christ at district gatherings and events. 
Cultivating Continual Renewal
  • We envision the district calling local churches to prayer.
  • We envision the district supporting ongoing assessment of local churches and their ministries.
  • We envision the district encouraging churches to utilize relevant models in evangelism and discipleship.