Called to Ministry Checklist

Checklist for Ministers in Development (MIDs)
Washington Pacific District Church of the Nazarene
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Initial Preparation & Resources  
Local Minister’s License
  • I have applied for a Local Minister’s License with the board of my local church.
  • I have begun the course of study for ministry.  For course of study options click here.
  • I have provided official transcripts of any college coursework and record of any modules I have completed to the District Office.
  • I have communicated with the Board of Ministry if I have a divorce in my past and have requested the appropriate form and submitted the application for removal of divorce barrier.
  • I have gone through the process to officially have the “divorce barrier to a district license” removed. I know that this involves Board of Ministry and Board of General Superintendent action. I realize that a district license cannot be granted without the removal of the “divorce barrier.”
District Minister’s License
  • I have completed one-quarter of the modules in the Course of Study, including History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene and/or the WaPac District-Leadership Specialty Seminar, if possible.
  • I have been recommended for a District License by the board of my local church and my local license has been renewed OR, if I am serving as the pastor of my church, by the Washington Pacific District Advisory Board.
  • I have applied for a District License with the Washington Pacific Board of Ministry
  • I have been scheduled for an interview with members of the WaPac Board of Ministry.
  • I have completed the background check as required by the WaPac Board of Ministry.
  • I have been recognized and approved for my first district license by the WaPac District Assembly.
  • I have contacted the district mentor coach and have chosen a Mentor. (Road Map for Ministerial Mentoring).
  • I have renewed my District License annually for 3 consecutive years or more.
  • I have maintained a meaningful relationship with my District Mentor (Road Map for Ministerial Mentoring) for at least 3 years.
  • I have been interviewed for a district license with a small group of the Board of Ministry for at least 3 years.
  • I have been invited to and attended the ministerial enhancement weekend: “Clarifying the Call”
  • I have sought and received verification by the District Registrar of my successful completion of all educational requirements for ordination. 
  • I have held a district license and served in a full-time ministry assignment for at least three consecutive years or the equivalent if the assignment is part time.
  • I have been recommended for a fourth (or more) district license by my local church board or the Washington Pacific District Advisory Board.
  • I have been invited by the WaPac Board of Ministry to apply for ordination as a minister in the Church of the Nazarene.
  • I have been interviewed by the general superintendent in jurisdiction over the WaPac District Assembly.