God is still in the process of calling men and women to places of leadership in His Church.  With that in mind, the mission of WaPac Board of Ministerial Development is to train, assess and mentor all who are seeking to make a faithful response to that call.  Our goal is to walk beside ‘Ministers in Development’ (MID) as they seek to fulfill the general education and service requirements for ordination as outlined by the Church of the Nazarene.  

While we are committed to encouraging men and women through the process, it is vitally important that they demonstrate personal initiative in their preparation and training.  We would strongly encourage all MIDs to become familiar with the expectations.

--The WaPac Board of Ministry
Dr. Ben Norris, Chair
Rev. Brad Edgbert, Secretary
Dr. Margaret Scott, District Mentor Coach
Rev. Craig Laughlin, North Region Chair
Rev. Tom Shaw, Central Region Chair
Rev. Brad Edgbert, South Region Chair