Local Church News


We sold our pews and have purchased round tables and chairs for small groups and worship.  We start a MOPS group in January.

Kirkland Chinese

We are excited to accept a new member who joined the church on Thanksgiving Worship Sunday. The new member’s testimony was really touching. She took time to observe and learn that our church is a Christ following …Read More

Normandy Park Living Hope

We were awarded a grant from NCM to begin an after school program for kids in our local elementary school in the new year. We're hoping to partner with several local hispanic churches to do it bilingually. Praying that …Read More

Sky Valley

Our new concrete shed pad and a portion of the sidewalk is poured! Thanks to the few, dedicated workers who served and for those who prayed. Most of all, thanks be to our Father in heaven who provided us warm, dry weather so we …Read More

Lakewood New Hope Community

We are embarking on an advent journey with "Long Expected Jesus".  God is good!  

Battle Grounds Starting Grounds

We held our annual ownership meeting for all those that consider Starting Grounds their church. This is to introduce the staff and ministry leaders for those that do know. Along with Pastor RJ updates were given  by …Read More

Gig Harbor

The Church is committed to adopting a family both for Thanksgiving and for the holidays to help our church community make involvement more personable on a local level.

Poulsbo Connection Point

On the last Sunday of November, we began the first of our 5-week Advent series.


Pastor Fred made it to Africa and back! Pastor Rick Ryding preached one Sunday while he was gone. Our Thanksgiving Feast was a big success with 70 people (many from outside the church) and too much food. After Thanksgiving, the …Read More


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with 90 people attending.  We are also continuing to update the building and do outreach events.

Redmond Revive

Revive Church is continuing to go after everything that Jesus made available through the cross and resurrection. Our Sunday Night worship and intercession is continuing to grow and mature. We have pressed in to the heart of God …Read More

Federal Way

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration Service, where several people shared the blessings and work of God in their lives. We now are getting ready to begin our Christmas Advent Season with several outreach and community …Read More